Registration is now open for our next "Solve it Session" webinar, focusing on maintenance solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. 

Tubesheet before Belzona repair


This webinar will show how repairs can be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently, avoiding costly replacement, the use of specialist equipment and hot work.

H. Smith, Engineering Services Supervisor, who will be co-hosting the webinar, commented: "This webinar is aimed at maintenance managers who want to see how 100% solids repair composites and coatings can help HVAC equipment operate 24/7."


Topics Covered:

  • Tube sheets: repair and prevent galvanic corrosion of the face and end covers
  • Fan blades: restore profiles and protect from further damage
  • Cooling towers: seal joints and seams, protect from internal corrosion

Fan blade before Belzona repair


Date and Times:

Thursday 27th of September, two 30-minute sessions


Why do Maintenance Managers attend "Solve it Sessions"?

  • Short and concise - 20-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A
  • Engaging - Knowledgeable presenters, videos and case studies
  • Informative - Get your questions answered live!
  • Convenient - Webinars are recorded. Video and transcripts are available online for everyone who registers to attend one or both sessions