Roof Problem Area Solutions

Belzona can provide a wide variety of repairs, protection methods and performance enhancing systems for roof problem areas.

Since 1965, Belzona roofing materials and liquid roof coatings have been widely used for the repair and protection of all types of roof problem areas including joints, seams, glazing bars, skylights and flashings, which are especially prone to deterioration and damage leading to leaks. Our low odour roof coatings have outstanding waterproofing and weatherproofing capabilities and will ensure your roof stays protected for as long as 20 years or more.

Roof waterproofing and protection from damage

Belzona offers lightweight liquid roof coatings such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane), which provides excellent waterproofing and weatherproofing properties, therefore ensuring long-term protection from leaks, damage and deterioration.

Our cold curing roof coatings can be easily applied by brush on almost any location including schools, hospitals and public buildings thanks to its low odour. The applied system incorporates a reinforcement sheet to allow an easy control of the coating thickness during the application as well as adapting to roof movement due to its outstanding elasticity.

Lead repair and protection

Belzona roofing materials are also widely used to repair and protect lead roofs, which are especially susceptible to damage and deterioration through attack from adverse weather conditions and increasingly, theft. Fast cure epoxy materials such as Belzona 1211 (E-Metal) can be used to seamlessly patch repair lead. Encapsulation of entire lead roofs or replacement of missing lead using Belzona polymeric membranes is also a simple and effective method of preventing lead theft.

Joints, seams and emergency repair

Emergency repairs such as sealing of leaks, damaged expansion joints and seams can be instantly completed using Belzona 3121 (MR7), which will strongly bond to most roof surfaces and will cure even if fully immersed in water providing instant waterproofing.

Repair and sealing of corroded skylights and glazing bars can be completed using materials such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane), without any disruption to the facility. This versatile material can be also used to repair loose or damaged flashings on roof surface and masonry walls.

Parapet walls and copings repair

Damaged and leaking parapet walls and copings can be easily repaired using Belzona 3121 (MR7), which can be applied even under adverse weather conditions. This microporous material is also used for other repairs including repointing of wall brick or mortar and sealing and repair of cracks in masonry walls.

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Roof Problem Areas
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