Balcony Repair - Belzona's Unrivalled Water and Weatherproofing Solution

Leaking asphalt balconies were causing damage to commercial properties along a busy high street in Leeds. The asphalt balconies had cracked and become porous allowing water to damage the council owned buildings and damage tenants' properties.

Belzona was contacted by the council requesting a waterproofing system be applied to three of the flats' balconies. Upon inspection of the asphalt balconies, it was discovered that there were a number cracks across the asphalt balcony floors. There were also a number of areas around the perimeters of the balconies were pointing was missing or coming away.

Belzona Technosol specified a liquid applied, reinforced flexible membrane system to the balcony to create a long term water tight seal. The area was cleaned and any loose pointing was removed prior to the application. Two coats of Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) were then brush applied combined with Belzona 9311 (Reinforcing Sheeting). A third coat of membrane was then applied incorporating Belzona (Surefoot Aggregate) in white to give the coating a long term, anti-slip finish and provide a safe balcony area for residents.

The application was completed over the course of two days ensuring access to the residential flats and shops was maintained at all times.

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Cracked and porous roof
Cracked and porous roof
Belzona 3131 (WG Membrane) applied to a roof
Belzona 3131 (WG Membrane) applied to roof
Belzona roof coating
Finished long term anti-slip finish