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The Belzona range of 2-part epoxy coatings and composite repair materials have a long-standing reputation for quality and performance in a diverse range of industries including food and beverage, education, mining, pulp and paper and oil and gas to name a few.

Our cold cure, cost effective products can be used to rebuild, repair and seal equipment damaged by erosion and corrosion, whilst at the same time, extend equipment life, minimise downtime, reduce expensive replacement costs and eliminate the dangers of repairs involving hot work.

Pipework repair

Simple, cold applied plate bonding and composite wrapping techniques can be utilised to repair damaged pipework using Belzona metal repair composites such as Belzona 1221 (Super E-Metal) and Belzona 1111 (Super Metal). Alternatively, the ASME PCC2 Article 4.1 and ISO/TS 24817 compliant pipe wrap system, Belzona SuperWrap, can be used to return strength to weakened or holed metallic surfaces and provide excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

Shafts and bearings

Wear and damage to shafts can be caused by lack of lubrication, bearing failure or misalignment.

With Belzona's metal repair and rebuilding compounds, shafts can be repaired in-situ with minimal downtime. Bearings of all sizes can be accurately located using our cold applied epoxy composites, eliminating the need for hot work.

Pumps and valves

Damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile using Belzona cold curing metal repair composites. Accurate reformation of areas with fine tolerances such as wearing seats can be employed using the multipurpose epoxy material Belzona 1111 (Super Metal).

Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) is one of a range of epoxy coatings for erosion and corrosion protection which will reduce further deterioration, increase pump efficiency and eliminate frequent maintenance costs.

Engines and casings

Belzona's erosion and corrosion resistant materials can repair and restore engines and casings, ensuring the quick return to service of critical equipment. Metal repair composites such as Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) are ideal for in-situ repairs as they minimise maintenance costs and downtime when compared with traditional repair methods such as welding.

Conveyor systems and rubber components

Conveyor belts can be simply repaired using a cold curing rubber repair material eliminating the need for vulcanization. Belzona elastomeric solutions can restore worn or ripped areas to their original profile providing outstanding protection against wear, impact and abrasion. These multipurpose elastomers can also be used for simple, cost effective and long-lasting rubber repairs for equipment such as rubber rollers, flights, cleats and clip joints on conveyor belts and other rubber components.

Our metal repair composites and epoxy coatings are suitable for other areas including:

  • Rebuilding worn keyways
  • Reprofiling of scored hydraulic rams
  • Restoration of loose spline housings
  • Repair of loose bearing housings
  • Reformation of stripped threads
  • Sealing of leaking tanks

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