Belzona Timeline | 1952 - Now
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Northern Metalife Ltd was founded in Elland, Yorkshire, UK by Mr Jorgen Svendsen. Specializing in corrosion protection using flame spray methods, this quickly lead to the development of zinc based primers.


In 1960 the Belzona Company was formed specifically to market the range of metal repair products and as a result Belzona Metal was finally born, the predecessor to our now popular bestseller Belzona 1111 (Super Metal).


From the newly opened office in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company began appointment of a European International Distributor Network to market Belzona products.


Belzona began to employ a network of Authorised Contractors to ensure the most reliable application of the products. Belzona also began the appointment of independent Distributors in South America and Asia from the office in Bermuda.


1979 saw the launch of the distinctive packaging affectionately named 'The Module'. The Base of Belzona products are generally sold in the orange module and the Solidifier in the black one.


Full Belzona Logo

The Belzona logo was introduced.


Belzona's Miami Office was opened following the transfer from the Uniodale, New York Headquarters.


1991 saw the introduction of "Belzona Know-How" which focused on collecting and sharing Belzona's vast knowledge in the use of molecular compounds for repair, reclamation and renovation of machinery, equipment, buildings and structures.


1992 saw the grand opening of the present day Belzona Technology Center which coincided with the company's 40th anniversary. The Belzona Group moved to their state of the art Belzona Technology Center in Harrogate which is now the present location.


Belzona took a major step forward with the development of high temperature coatings for erosion-corrosion resistance.

1995 in 1996

The first version of was launched.


Belzona Heat Activated Corrosion under Insulation products were created.


Belzona Technosol Limited provides an application, supervision and inspection service to its customers.


Belzona Logo

In 2008, the Belzona brand identity evolved to incorporate the 'Repair, Protect, Improve' tagline which is now used globally.


In 2009, Belzona expanded to open offices in Canada and Hong Kong.


Belzona demonstrates the adhesive and mechanical strength of Belzona 1251 (Heat Activated Metal) by suspending a 2000 Kg sports car above another using just a 254 micron coat of Belzona 1251 (Heat Activated Metal) applied to a 7.62 cm diameter surface joint.


Belzona 60th Anniversary Logo

Belzona celebrates its 60th Anniversary!


Belzona History

Established in Elland, West Yorkshire, England in 1952 by specializing in the flame spraying of steel with zinc to provide corrosion protection, Belzona has become a leader in providing industrial protective coatings and repair composites. With proven products that rebuild, repair, and maintain machinery, equipment, buildings, and structures. Belzona services many industries including power, oil and gas, water/wastewater and facilities maintenance.

With significant investments in research and development Belzona continuously evaluates and enhances our product range, to ensure that market-driven solutions to problems are continually developed to exceed the ever-increasing industry demands. Belzona's zinc-rich polymer coatings have developed into a technologically advanced product range that is renowned for being at the forefront of advanced polymer systems and engineering maintenance.

Belzona's international headquarters and research and development laboratories are located in Harrogate, England. Corporate locations for Belzona are also found in Miami, USA and Chunburi, Thailand. Through our corporate entities and Global Distribution Network encompassing over 125 countries Belzona provides the coverage and support that is necessary throughout the world.

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Belzona founder Mr.Jorgen Svendsen
A statue of our company founder Mr. Jorgen Svendsen