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Belzona's comprehensive range of cold curing, 2-part epoxy coatings and repair composites have been used by the power industry for over 60 years. Our materials are engineered to withstand demanding conditions and offer exceptional continual wear resistance plus erosion and corrosion protection.

Whether your power plant generates power by nuclear, fossil or renewable means or your facility distributes energy to end users, it is likely you will experience routine or unexpected maintenance challenges that result in increasing operating costs. Belzona provides a cost effective solution to such maintenance problems by minimising downtime, labour and equipment replacement costs, whilst increasing the efficiency of the plant and ensuring environmental compliance.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) systems and solids handling equipment

Belzona epoxy coatings and metal repair composites can help slow down the effects of erosion in solids handling and FGD systems and resist corrosion even in areas where chemicals and high temperatures are present. Our high build erosion resistant materials such as Belzona 1311 (Ceramic R-Metal), Belzona 1811 (Ceramic Carbide) and Belzona 1812 (Ceramic Carbide FP) will restore eroded steelwork, whilst ceramic filled coatings such as Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal) can extend equipment life.

Cooling water systems and turbines

Eroded and corroded tube sheets can be repaired and rebuilt using metal repair composites such as Belzona 1121 (Super XL-Metal). Our high performance epoxy coatings including Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade) provide excellent corrosion resistance to water boxes, end covers and tube sheets.

Cavitation resistant elastomers such as Belzona 2141 (ACR-Fluid Elastomer) are ideal for lining turbine runners, wicket gates and other fluid handling equipment as they resist the impact of imploding cavitation bubbles, reducing equipment degradation and subsequent running costs.

Chemical containment areas, channels and sumps

With the ability to be applied by brush or by airless spray, areas such as chemical bunds and channels and sumps can be effectively lined ensuring long-term environmental protection. Belzona's comprehensive range of epoxy coatings such as Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1) provide chemical resistance against a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Pump repair and protection

Severely damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile and protected against the effects of erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and deterioration using Belzona's range of epoxy repair materials and coatings. Cold cure materials such as Belzona 1221 (Super E-Metal) can be used to repair cracked and holed pumps, providing outstanding chemical resistance.

Our range of coatings such as Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal) provides long-term erosion and corrosion resistance whilst Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) is proven to increase pump efficiency up to 7% on new equipment and up to 20% on refurbished equipment.

Transformer oil and SF6 leaks

Environmental problems can occur as a result of deterioration of aging equipment resulting in leakage. Belzona 1161 (Super UW-Metal) has the unique attribute to bond strongly to oily and wet metal surfaces. Dependent on their location, even live leaks can be stemmed and sealed in-situ using Belzona 1291 (ES-Metal) due to its high adhesion and cold cure capabilities.

These cold applied materials eliminate hot work and have been designed to be easy and safe to use. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and provide excellent corrosion protection offering long-term solutions.

Insulator Repairs

Damaged insulators can be very costly to replace. Belzona 8112 has been specially designed as a repair and rebuilding system for porcelain electrical insulators in-situ. It provides excellent electrical insulating capabilities and offers a quick back to service solution.

Our metal repair composites and epoxy coatings are suitable for other areas within the power industry including:

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